Sullivan | Chance missed by NFL in deflate drama

Sullivan | Chance missed by NFL in deflate drama
If Chicago Bears patriarch George Halas threw nickels around as if they were manhole covers, as Mike Ditka memorably said, today's NFL generates roughly 6,342 nickels per second or $ 10 billion in annual revenues. Much as Goodell drones on about …
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Pronovias' Bridal Trends: Lace, Back Treatments and Trains
Key trends from what is generally considered the world's largest bridal producer included body-skimming gowns in fine embroidered laces over flesh-colored crystal tulle with sheer illusion detailing, seductive back treatments and trains, the longer and …
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Where did the iconic Detroit "D" come from?
Radom says one manufacturer produced their uniforms, and another did their caps. It was all done by hand, and they cut the D for the uniforms out of felt and sewed it on, while someone else embroidered the D on the baseball caps. “Boom, immediately …
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