Clothing essentials for the fashion-forward dog

Clothing essentials for the fashion-forward dog
A Google search finds such results as Shea butter shampoo and conditioner for $ 14 at Harry Barker, leopard-print bikinis — yeah, dog bikinis — at Bitch NY for $ 33, a My Canine Kid reversible parka for $ 56 and a waterproof raincoat by Hurrta for $ 75 …
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Fashion Is Unavoidable at Pitti Uomo
The kid's got a future if she wants it. But then, Pitti makes fashion critics of … It featured the unbeloved crowds of tourists and local attractions like the Duomo and the Piazza della Signoria printed onto silk or embroidered onto dresses. There …
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Thrift Diaries, Part One
My name is Emily and I just finished a three week tour through the Midwestern and Southern United States with my band, Foxygen. More importantly, when I was not playing shows or looking for food, I scoured this great country of ours for hidden …
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