Free motion Christmas tree draught excluder tutorial by Debbie Shore

Free motion Christmas tree draught excluder tutorial by Debbie Shore

Such an easy project and a perfect Christmas present! I’ve used an old towel for stuffing as it makes the excluder quite weighty, and of course use any fabri…
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Fabric trees that aren’t just for Christmas!

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  • Joanne Graves says:

    great my sis live in an old house and i can make her some for every
    season and don’t need the size I’ll put button on the end and an


  • plumster33 says:

    Wowza Debbie you are the Queen of free motion embroidery!!!! I love it you
    are very talented 

  • sandra deprey says:

    great video, you make it look so easy:) I LOVE you free motion regular
    sewing machine embroidery style and method, the whimsical look

  • Anne Tombrun says:

    Great project and great video. Thank you!

  • SERA C says:

    Just discovered your channel and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your tutorials!! Thank
    you!!! Subscribed and shared :)

  • Sandra Lowe says:

    I love all your work and watch eagerly for all new projects to make. I am
    having trouble finding the continuous zip you use, please can you tell me
    where to but it from. Thank you and Merry Christmas xx 

  • Jenny Reynolds says:

    Gosh how beautiful! You are so talented. I’m going to make the tree
    tomorrow and the embroidery drafter the next day. I live to sew Thank you
    so much. 🙂 UK 

  • Marina Brumpton says:


  • 0JReynolds says:

    I love it! Wow you are one wicked fast sewer! I know I saw smoke come out
    of that sewing machine! LOL

  • Marte Webb says:

    Very cool idea! You made it look so easy.

  • neddie58 says:

    very nice

  • Aimee Scanlon says:

    OMG! That is adorable. .

  • carylanne rosten says:

    ty sewing with you this year has become one of my fun things to do. happy
    holidays to you and Alfie!! Merry Christmas! to your Hubby, I take it he is
    your cameraman.. 

  • butterflyamanda says:

    Another fabulous tutorial Debbie thank you I am off to delve into the scrap
    box !

  • Jacquelyn Allen says:

    I live it, what a wonderful idea….I will have to make a couple of these.

  • Maria Goumas says:

    What inside the pillow?? Blanket?? Nice!!

  • June Mitchell says:

    Beautiful and so easy

  • debbie shore says:

    Apologies not just for the music but for the wobbly video! This was one of
    my first vids so I think I’ve improved somewhat on the later ones…

  • Yvonne Dunmore says:

    Very nice Debbie. Can’t wait to try this.

  • gloria esquivel says:

    I love this video thanks for the inspiration.

  • Robin Luther says:

    Hi Debbie – what kind of glue did you use?! There are a couple of
    craft-type white glues that dry clear that I’ve used before (Tacky Glue,
    Elmer’s White Glue – US brands) but I’ve never seen a white glue that held
    as well as what you used on the heart trim. 

  • Joy Griffiths says:

    This is lovely. Simple and great for someone not a bit organised 🙂
    Thank you for the idea and for your easy to follow instructions. I will
    definitely be making these.

  • Goldeneye007ize says:

    Can you tell me what size in inches they you used for your trees. Thanks so

  • Susan Regan says:

    Hi DebbieI have made the Christmas tree but there doesn’t seem to be any
    instructions how to connect it to the plant pot? Is there a stick inside
    the branches please help .


  • Janine K says:

    I love this!!!! I’ll be making some of these. 

  • Susan Sanderson Sanderson says:

    Brilliant idea s once again. Thank you

  • bradsher23 says:

    What would be the easiest way to cut the triangles from fabric to make sure
    they are all the same?

  • Milly Pazderová says:

    Please how many cm length triangle ???? I look forward to the upcoming
    Christmas will … Thank you I am from Czech Republic

  • Bärbel Becher-Wilhelm says:

    Hallo an alle Bastel- und Nähwütigen…
    Das nächste Weihnachtsfest naht mit großen Schritten.
    Hier hab ich was entdeckt, dass Euch bestimmt auch gefällt.
    Super einfach und sehr dekorativ.
    Viel Spaß

  • jammymum says:

    t’ll be great if you could re-do the vid, the tree’s an excellent idea;
    because I know you do make fab things, I continued to watch it all the way
    through. What I especially love in this one is that you’ve made a mistake,
    were honest enough to share it… but showed us how to get away with it!
    Haha! Love that! So thank you xx

  • Loretta Heim says:

    love the pattern,but the music is very distracting 

  • Susan Regan says:

    Love your tutorials Debbie and have found them excellent for using up my
    stash of fabric scraps. thank you so much Soosy x

  • Sylvia Costa says:


  • Aimee Scanlon says:

    That is just stunning Debbie

  • Ellen Helms says:

    This is wonderful, thank you!! Such a quick way to make a table-top tree!
    and I wouldn’t have thought to use a small pot for the base. I actually
    enjoy the background music :-)

  • Cathy Burton says:

    I’m a complete beginner and I think your videos are very helpful. And I
    like the background music :)

  • maria teresa herrera says:

    yo corte un molde ¡¡¡ me quedo hermoso ¡¡¡¡ gracias , me encanta todo lo
    que enseñas un abrazo desde Chile ….

  • Heather B says:

    i agree with the lady that said about not having background music otherwise
    this is fabulous, and thank you!

  • Corry Dijkman says:

    Ik vind het jammer dat de taal niet nederlands is.

  • Mo M says:

    Thank you for this Debbie, I enjoy all of your videos, so well done! my
    own wee personal opinion on craft ‘how-to’s is to do them ‘sans’ music as,
    music is such a personal thing, we love it or hate it or just get annoyed
    if it is not to our taste.

  • Deanne Jollota says:

    cloth christmas tree

  • verrado says:

    Yes, the music is distracting, just hearing your quite lovely voice is so
    wonderful! Thanks for the video, and your laid back way to teaching!

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