free embroidery designs, machine embroidery pattern, تطريز Being aware that people today are always on the look out for products and services which can make their clothing different from others and gorgeous-looking, Downlaod …

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  • Eyad Ammir says:

    you are welcome

  • Jamie Malden says:

    learn free machine embroidery aka free motion stitching with textile
    artist, Gina Ferrari. improve your sewing projects with beautiful stitching

  • Jamie Malden says:

    please contact the artist, Gina Ferrari, directly to ask her technical
    questions as she will has more accurate answers for you! Happy Stitching –

  • Mary Sinclair says:

    Hi Jamie, i’m new. Am studying this as part of my college course. Great
    instructions so far, but have one question. What do I set the stitch
    width to? I tried this last night, but my spool of thread kept breaking, I
    had tension set at 3, stitch at, oh I cant remember but I was using
    straight stitch at first to fill in the gaps, then tried zig zag which was
    lovely, but both the thread kept breaking. They were silk threads, I used
    white poly in bobbin so it wouldn’t show.

  • Deb Mayhew says:

    Thank you for the clear information on machine tension. Great instructions.

  • Mrs. Davis says:

    Brilliant, I wasn’t sitting with a question mark over my head, completely
    got it! Wasn’t long and drawn out…Thanks!

  • swarmsme says:

    These videos are what I’ve been looking for for too long thank-you!

  • Art by Sherilyn says:

    Thank you for this wonderful video! I wish more people were willing to
    share these techniques. THANK YOU! <3

  • EGYPTQUILTS1 says:

    thanks, great ideas and tips

  • Brunella Bailey Rosser says:

    You are providing a valuable and creative resource. Thanks! You teach so
    very well.

  • ThePatjm says:

    Good teaching technique. Enjoyed the video very much.

  • Carolina Saavedra says:

    great teacher thank you very much!!!!!!

  • Patti Rairden says:

    love it sharing with my fb group stitchaholics anonymous

  • mummymason says:

    Thanks for sharing your skills. I’m now going away to practise!

  • Nicky Robertson says:

    Pplease watch with the captions ON – what a hoot!

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