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A schoolteacher in Maine was selected out of five thousand teachers for The Global Teacher Prize.
Video Rating: 5 / 5 I just threw a brand new Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Communicator on my Motorcycle Helmet (Shoei RF-1000). First pass at install and features….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • John Derek says:

    I wonder if mohamed let her kissed him on the cheek like she did with
    everyone or his mysagonistic medieval muslim religious quackery prevailed.

  • newmabreu96 says:

    Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum :))

  • RevZilla says:

    +R. Newmark Yes, as long as you leave the unit mounted to the clamp kit
    when riding through rain, the rubber gasket will not let water in. -Hi-Viz

  • Mario Rios says:

    Which credit card is best to push the cable through the helmet? Would a
    debit card work as well?

  • A Valor says:

    Does it pair with other brand/devices? Or is it similar to the Sharktooth,
    only able to pair with same brands.

  • John W says:

    Hi thanks for the info.

    I want to put this on a RPHA 10 helmet are there any complication there…
    Also I this the same device that will pair up to several different
    components at the same time? Thanks you

  • ChuckNinja Kawasaki says:

    I’ve just received delivery of my Sena along with a load of pro go goodies
    and am very excited to get it set up. The customer service experience from
    Revzilla was brilliant so thanks to Filip and Spurgeon for assisting me.

  • John Weber says:

    I have a Bell Vortex that I consider a loud helmet, how well will the Sena
    SMH10 work with a lot of ambient noise? I’ve not used a communicator
    before. Thanks!

  • tehbitterman says:

    What the range on these compared to the 20S?

    Will it fit into a shark speed r helmet?

  • rocker85675 says:

    I think ya sold me on one, good job

  • R. Newmark says:

    Is this thing waterproof?

  • U4YY2 says:

    Will this fit the new AGV Corsa Rossi Turtle helmet?

  • jfitts23 says:

    Just installed mine on Shoei RF1100. Works great. Speakers get loud. Paired
    with a HTC One no issues.

  • Waleed Viper says:

    what u think about scorpion exxo??

  • jimmicreesti says:

    Will it fit a Bell helmet? Can it connect to GoPro?

  • RevZilla says:

    Awesome! I also have the SMH10 and think it works great. I like how Siri
    with my iPhone expands the voice commands. I also have the Powerlet
    handlebar mount, so I can see when functions change on my phone. Highly
    recommended! ~Ali

  • RevZilla says:

    Good advice. I have the SMH10 on my Arai XD3. It’s a staff favorite around
    here. If you can make it work with whichever helmet you purchase, you’ll be
    pleased. ~Ali

  • RevZilla says:

    @TheDamfou The mic does not need to be right in front of your mouth if you
    don’t have much room. Try and tuck it up next to the side of your mouth and
    it should work just fine. We have a lot of customers who use it this way!

  • Pat Garcia says:

    I decided to buy these units, the Sena SMH 10 Bluetooth Headset and the
    Sena SR10 Bluetooth Two-Way Radio Adapter after watching the videos on
    RevZilla, they were very helpful in my decision making process. I have had
    this unit for about 2 months now and find it to have very good fit and
    finish and easy to work with a limited amount of learning curve. Overall I
    am very satisfied with the two products. Pat Garcia Huntington Beach, CA
    BMW 1150 RT

  • AlecMyrddyn says:

    Last year I got a pair of SMH-10s as a Christmas present from my girl so we
    can chat on our rides together. Overall, I love the SMH10 and would rate it
    4.5 stars. Pros: Awesome battery life, easy controls, good volume,
    upgradable firmware, voice control for my phone, great for listening to
    music and intercom. I can even take a cell call at 70 mph! Cons: Not quite
    waterproof. Not loud enough for my girlfriend to hear me at high speeds,
    but that could be speaker placement or helmet wind noise.

  • J.Brett Prince says:

    GREAT VIDEOS!!!! Your reviews are so thorough and informative that I have
    decided to use RevZilla for all of my future purchases. I am a new rider
    and truly appreciate these posts because this is all new to me, and they
    really do help make a decision. I will be telling all of my motorcycle
    enthusiast friends about your site and YouTube channel. Also, just placed
    my first order! Thank you!!!!! J.Brett Prince – Short North Tattoo,
    Columbus, OH

  • asmith929 says:

    Ive have had since september and first off Anthony is right installing is a
    breeze, i took my time, maybe 15 mins to figure out how to mount it in my
    exo1100. it was easy to use, paired to my iphone 4 no problem and from then
    on automatically does seconds after you first turn it on. I havent done any
    group rides with it yet but for music being able to adjust volume tracks
    and on and off is a plus, cramps the ears a bit (but snug helmet) very
    happy with it and would recommend them!

  • Stephan S says:

    It works if you’re using not the boom but the cable microphone mount, then
    you can fit the Sena a little behind the sun shield mechanism. Hint: The
    snowmobile kit only differs in the clamp type, the main module is the same,
    but it has a cable microphone instead of a boom microphone. 🙂

  • Zathan Baker says:

    I have about 1000 miles with my new SMH10. It is mounted on an Arai XD4
    helmet and I ride with and without the visor depending on if I am riding
    the KTM or the GSXR. Overall great bluetooth for music, phone calls and
    intercom. The price was good and the product has exceeded my expectations.
    I was concerned that I might have mounting problems or wind noise from the
    unit on the side of my helmet. Neither of these have been an issue. No wind
    noise and the jog dial is probably the best feature.

  • Glenn Johnson says:

    I have used Moto, Sena, and Scala Rider intercoms. I like the Sena the best
    because it is the easiest to use in all conditions while wearing a glove. I
    have it mounted on a Nolan 103 and on an ARI helmet. I have not noticed
    noise or pull even on track days at 120+. The unit works well and the
    support has been very good.

  • flatblackstrat says:

    Just got mine today and installed both headsets on 2 helmets. Sad part is
    one was a bit defective and the sound cuts out on the right speaker anytime
    I tighten the Allen screws on the mount. It is most defiantly a short as I
    was able to replicate the problem every time from tighten and loosening the
    screws or simply tapping on the shorting area. I went online and saw almost
    all the problems people had with this headset were the speakers. Sena
    should really fix this issue.

  • RevZilla says:

    @pilot7180 You barely notice it’s there!

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