7 Basic Embroidery Stitches | 3and3quarters

7 Basic Embroidery Stitches | 3and3quarters

Here’s a simple video showing you seven basic (and most common) embroidery stitches. This quick little showcase covers — – Back Stitch – Split Stitch – Stem…
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  • Bev Mitchell says:

    Fabulous, clear, and well described! I needed a quick idea for a mixed
    media project I’m working on, and your tutorial made my day! Thanks,
    excellent demonstration!

  • Jane victor says:

    I ‘m 9 years old and i love embroidery so thank you for sharing this
    video.i liked it a lot :)

  • Lisa Pedrotti says:

    Thank you for demonstrating the French knot. I struggle with this one
    because I always end up pulling the knot all the way through the fabric. I
    noticed you don’t go back down through the original hole, rather you go
    down through the fabric just next to the spot where you came up and your
    knot was perfect. Maybe I can stop avoiding the French knot now!

  • Sandy Ward says:

    I am so grateful for this video, I’m a complete newcomer to embroidery. I’m
    trying to learn new crafts. Brilliant tutorial and thanks for the book
    suggestions too :)

  • Marlene Rice says:

    Love this.. no chatter , clear instructions , great tutorial!!! Thank you!

  • Cherie K says:

    I haven’t even begun to embroider yet but I loved your video. The
    instructions are perfectly clear. Thanks for giving me the courage to give
    it a try

  • grelen gomera says:

    I like your video, it is very clear. I am 12years old. I only use my
    mother’s account. This helps me in my project. Thank you!

  • Sharon Melendes says:

    Too fast. I had to keep stopping and “rewinding”. Not for rank beginners.

  • Tammi Tello says:

    I really like this video, is very very helpful :)

  • Kayla Schuster says:

    May be a silly question, but I’ve just started doing needle work. Can the
    same stitching be used for needlepoint on a canvas with larger, more
    visible holes than linen or cotton?

  • Mary Margaret Schlais says:

    I am looking for instruction on doing the actual embroidery on a tea towel
    that the back side would be seen on any suggestions? Thanks for any ideas I
    just don’t know where to start to make it look nice on the backside. Where
    do you use knots, do you skip over to another part of the design and how
    far away can you skip to if you can.

  • Hazel McNeil says:

    Thank you so much for this video. :)

  • Elda Abas says:

    You have inspired me to do embroidery..you make it look so easy. Love your

  • Susan Thompson says:

    Thank you! The french knothas baffled me for 50 years…I will give it a
    try again with my current project

  • johnchrizel corre says:

    thank you for this video 

  • Rose Howerton says:

    I haven’t tried embroidery yet, but your video makes me want to try it
    immediately. Your instructions are very clear and concise. Thanks for

  • magalitats says:

    Im so excited to begin! Your video has given me confidence thank you!!!

  • Susan M says:

    THANK YOU, this was awesome, and no distracting stories of kids and dogs:)

  • A Bc says:

    why this videos cannot play

  • crissyoi says:

    I have to say that this is the best video I’ve seen so far on basic
    embroidery. Very easy to understand and clear. Thank you SO much!

  • vaidehi singh says:

    at first i did embroidery forcefully as a school subject. this video really
    helped. now embroidery seems easy and most importantly fun!!! thanks Amanda

  • hikaridemon says:

    Thanks so much for this! I don’t have any embroidery thread, but using my
    regular sewing thread to practice.

  • Aline K says:

    Enjoyed this tutorial!! Thank you :)

  • lì bé says:

    thank you <3

  • Carla Peterson says:

    Hi Amanda!! Love your easy tutorial! I’ll definitely visit your website:-)
    I subbed also! 

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