'Cake lady' spreads joy

'Cake lady' spreads joy
On the color palette, green would best describe her ranking in the knowledge of decorating when she picked up a frosting-laden spatula. It didn't take …. Her hobbies now include crocheting and embroidery, sewing anything that involves a needle and …
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Get hooked on today's version of embroidery
They're using innovative designs and materials to take embroidery to artistic realms. Scroll through websites like Pinterest or Etsy and you'll find human portraits drawn in thread, colorfully embroidered crazy quilts and new uses for simple stitches …
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Katy Perry and others popularizing an explosion of wearable tech
Colors can be changed via an Android phone to coordinate with clothing. Similarly, the brand's Theia bag has an LED screen on the front of the bag that can display preset images as well as customized phrases. A paparazzi-repelling miniskirt by CuteCircuit.
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