DIY Notebooks & Pencil Case for Back To School 2014

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  • Mayako O says:

    Gahh watching Laur’s videos is like watching your favourite tv show –
    waiting all week for a new episode and spending your freetime watching
    different videos that can never quite compare to the awesome quality of the
    original! How does she do it?! Like..that seal…holy ishh it’s adorkable
    asdfghjkl <3 her and baz = otp, amiright or amiright?

  • Tanvee125 says:

    How can anyone be so pretty and creative and cute? Those DIYs are so
    freakin awesome. I have never seen them around youtube so they seem pretty
    original. Keep it up Laur :)

  • Anika Srivastava says:

    You look so cute with your makeup !!!!!!!

  • Yoo-Na Kim says:

    omg the seal pencil case is so adorable and the notebooks are soooo
    amazing! i usually dont comment much on videos except like, witty comments
    but I just thought this video was really really good and you deserve like
    way more views and subs and I have only watched 2 of your videos but im
    already in love with your channel thanks for giving quality content yeah
    okay sorry for being annoying bye xx

  • Pony Decay says:

    Love love love your projects. Seriously. They are beyond perfect.

    If any of you guys are interested in checking out my channel I would be
    more than happy to return the favor. 🙂 I’m working on a 100 subscriber
    giveaway which should be coming up very very soon. <3 

  • Xylo Palattao says:

    i totally love the paint splatter notebook and the pencil case but i am
    going to do an owl…..,umm who is the best crafter ever of course you are
    but im a lot better jk

  • bishakha dutta says:

    WOW!! these are the best DIY!! loved the lace notebook! <3 <3

    +Ankita Ghosh dude.. perfect for you.. you will love it!

  • Jared Robb says:

    Where did you get the notebook, I can’t even find it online. If I can find
    it, I’m definitely getting one for my daughter to make for school.

  • WhatDaFxxx says:

    The pencil case looks like Baymax *-*

  • Audrey Lim says:

    my fav is the penicil case and the binder cover

  • Lyds McGids says:

    did anyone else notice that she put the tag on upside down on spray paint
    lace one, teehee, look at the “moleskine” indent.

  • Donyai Knight says:

    Do a phone case collection video please and can I get a shout out 

  • Yolanda Tai says:

    “Blobbies of paint” :3

  • Natalia Stone says:

    did anyone else notice in the being when she was “on” her phone it wasn’t
    really on

  • 【 hyeon_xii desu 】 says:

    awwh. that kiss was super cute c: 

  • Abi Leitner says:

    Do you think it would work to just hot glue the zipper on, because I am the
    worst at hand sewing?

  • Bala Krishnan says:

    watching her vids r awseome luv all of them and the first 1 it worked out
    for me after shopping for acrylic paint but i didn’t do the notebook thingy
    i did the bookmark but i did not hv lace so i couldn’t make the lace book

  • Dasy Rose says:

    this is the first video i’ve seen someone doing diy (mostly girls) without
    their hair down.. your awesome.. also love your pencil case :D

  • Jaygee Shrestha says:

    79thy4ht j 85757thttyl=ufufu f f. Ebf

  • Shianne Cannizzaro says:

    where did you buy the notebooks….I have looked all over but I cant find
    them anywhere?

  • Raina Hwang says:

    this video is on point.

  • epic jade says:

    k, plllzzzzzzz send me the link to this songggggg….. ok ps. love the
    notebooks diy thx!

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