How many colors of DMC floss are there? ?

Question by Sarah W.: How many colors of DMC floss are there? ?
I just want to know the total number. They’ve come out with new ones that aren’t on the color chart so I’m not sure how many there are.

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Answer by Dani
The site says there are 454 solid; 18 variegated, and several different types of light effects/tone on tone, etc.

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  • cross-stitcher says:

    Almost too many to count.

  • CF in VA says:

    Here’s the summary of what is on the new color card (actual thread samples):
    A color card made with actual strands of 454 solid and 18 variegated colors of DMC Six Strand Embroidery Floss, 24 colors of Color Variations Floss, 24 colors of Linen Floss, 36 colors of Light Effects and 2 colors of Metallic Pearl. Includes notations for DMC Pearl Cotton in sizes 3, 5, 8 and 12. (So, 558 colors on here.)

    Just for reference, there are also 36 colors of the new Satin floss (replaces the Rayon line, of which there were 86 colors), 12 colors in the old line of metallics (some colors carried into the new Light Effects), and 182 colors of the Flower Thread (colors similar to the standard floss colors however.)

    You can get a new color card easily, most craft stores have the new version of the all-printed card in stock. It’s only $ 9.99. You can also order the new version of the actual thread samples card online from the shopDMC site, the link to that card is below (you can get the printed card from them too.)

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