Hoop-la: Embroidery's back, with some modern twists

Hoop-la: Embroidery's back, with some modern twists
They're using innovative designs and materials to take embroidery to artistic realms. Scroll through websites such as Pinterest or Etsy and you'll find human portraits drawn in thread, colorfully embroidered crazy quilts, and new uses for simple …
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A Million Stitches of Love
Then I lay it out on the materials and I cut it out and then I stitch each piece by hand. It's hard to find sky fabric. I do some features with darning [embroidery] thread. I use a very small needle and I can still see to thread it. My eyes are real …
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Some Things You Could Be Knitting For Your Home That Aren't Just A Blanket
Let go of your old ideas about knitting being exclusively a grandmother's sport and embrace the fact that all the cool kids are doing it. If you don't believe us, do a quick Pinterest search and you'll quickly see we're on to something. The benefits …
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