Letter Embroidery with Brother Sewing Machine

Embroidering at home with an Automatic Sewing Machine.

The Quattro® 2 sets the standard for state-of-the-art sewing, quilting, crafting and embroidery with a truly innovative array of new and enhanced features engineered to let you realize your…
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  • Laura Iglesias says:

    Hello: MyKidsRmyLife85
    I looked in the Brother Sewing Machine HE-240 manual and couldn’t find the
    specifics to your question. But in mentions: “Characters from different
    fonts (sans serif and serif,etc)”. Looking at the alphabet characters in
    the main menu I can see 5 different styles. One of them does resemble the
    English font.
    The Bernina Artista 165 has also a collection of 5 alphabets: Drifter,
    Lisa(looks like English font to me), Blackboard, Swiss Block and Zurich.
    Both machines can handle the embroidery of a sweat shirt fabric.

  • Phyllis Davidson says:

    What if your name is longer than what will fit? like Phyllis?

  • Lucy Rivera says:


  • Laura Iglesias says:

    Hello Marylin Dupree 🙂 This is what I do:

    1. I mark the area at the center of the position where the pattern will be
    2. After setting the embroidery frame & the fabric. I place the embroidery
    sheet to match the center of the sheet with the mark I made on the fabric.
    3. I use the arrows on the display screen to select were inside the hoop
    the first letter will be set. 

  • ossy Saravi says:

    Any idea, how much this machine cost? 

  • MyKidsRmyLife85 says:

    Does this machine do old English font ? If not do I know any that can ? And
    lastly can this machine embroider in sweat shirt ?? Thanks in advance 🙂 

  • btchzwhresndoors says:

    Hi, what model is your machine? I’m new at this thanks for the great video

  • Kyla Eads says:

    How much was your machine:-)

  • ossy Saravi says:

    Thank you so much. .

  • MyKidsRmyLife85 says:

    I meant Do *You* know 

  • Rose Freitas says:

    Quero saber como conseguir o programa da Brothers Pe 770

  • Marilyn Dupree says:

    How do you know where on the fabric that you want the letter to start?

  • Doriana Zisi says:

    when the word is larger than the medium hoop how do you keep the right
    position of the letters?

  • janet j says:

    hi, will I be able to embroider a backpack or do i have to embroider on an
    open piece of fabric first then cut? thx

  • Betty Robertson says:

    I have Brother’s HE-120 sewing/emboridary machine. However dont know where
    to begin to emborider a comeplete name. Can you help me?

  • Laura Iglesias says:

    Cassie Rose, I bought the backing at the fabric store. To embroider the
    t-shirt I used tearaway backing. 

  • Erik Gomez says:

    This is so awesome!

  • Clarsie387 says:

    Wonderful tutorial, thank you very much for uploading!

  • Cassie Rose says:

    Where did yoi get the backing for that please respond as soon as possible

  • Patti Rairden says:

    Nice Job with the video come join Stitchaholics Anonymous on fb.

  • Yvette EvyEve says:

    @Richard my machine did thesamething. It was the bobbin. Try rethreading
    it. You need to wind bobbin very carefully without it getting loose. Also
    use bobbin cover when no longer using bobbin so thread won’t get loose. 

  • Nilda Gerena says:

    how do you space between names. How to work with a long name like

    Please answer our questions. Nilda Gerena

  • cutecrown says:

    Is there a footpress? or is it just doing it itself?

  • Jennifer Burrhus says:

    Man… I need me one of these! lol

  • Fairy Laurence says:

    I hope santa clause send me this machine for Christmas gift…

  • Nancy Puig says:

    My dream machine, unfortunately I am awake. 

  • 정광용 says:

    Where we can bye this machine?

  • Alecia Marshall says:

    If want to make and applique out of cotton (eg. the letter “A” 3inx4in.
    Then want to applique it onto a towel. Can I place the cotton on the towe;
    and do my applique it using this machine?

  • laurence chriqui says:

    @cecanafashion You need to go to brother.com and search the country you
    live in for a price in your part of the world. In Canada, it goes for

  • mrsfrd says:

    @cecanafashion From what I can find about $5500.

  • Cecilia Annan says:


  • Enzo Furrari says:

    One can only dream~

  • jessica watson says:

    what is the price?

  • vakerr1 says:

    I just bought one for $7,200.00

  • Kelley says:

    The price here in the states is from $7,500-8,500++. This type of machine,
    along with the Babylock Ellisimo require you to be doing work
    professionally, so that the machine makes money and ultimately pays for
    itself. The average working person would find it hard to invest that type
    of money for hobby purposes only. Would I like to own one–YES–but living
    on social security makes that a “pipe dream.”

  • wrida saada says:

    c est un bijou de reve dommage je ne peu pas l avoir

  • mileyondisney says:

    The dealer near me has it for $6.500 (he called it a holiday sale). I just
    got home from there.

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