Catalog (Classic Reprint)

Catalog (Classic Reprint)

No. 23 STA:IPED GO NS for embroidery of VERY GOOD QUALITY WHITE NAINSOOK These Gowns Can Be Had Either Stamped Flat, Ready to Sew andE mbroider orS ewed Up andS tamped, Requiring only Embroidery to Finish. No. 216 Gown, stamped in an unusual attractive bnsliet and bowknot desifrn to be worked in satin, eyelet and buttonhole stitch in delicate sliL ides ot 7jink, blue and white. Price of stamped gown. $2.40; stamped iind made-up, ready for embroidery, $2.65; cotton, extra, 16c. No. 211 Gown, stam

List Price: $ 6.37


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