Continuous Machine Embroidery

Watch Nancy Zieman demonstrate easy continuous machine embroidery.…
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  • Birdie Ellen Beris says:

    Thank you for showing this. I am new at machine embroidery and I am having
    trouble figuring out how to do this with my designs. 

  • Jibbie49 says:

    This embroidery would look beautiful across the edge of a skirt.

  • Marie Keegan says:

    Great. Where do you get that magnet hoop from. Email address will be great.

  • anes mahmoudi says:


  • Laura Nichols says:

    Little confused about using a magnetic hoop. It is my understanding that
    using magnets on computerized machines was not a good thing.. Could someone
    nicely explain how this is safe to use? Thank you

  • Marianne Geoghan says:

    Help thread breaks can I get back in position when embroidering

  • loopiewho says:

    WOW I had no idea how much work goes into embroidery
    I am completely shocked
    i am totally turned off the whole idea
    its just to fussy for me 

  • lucinda padgett says:

    i love to do tablerunners, and do continuous embroidery, how about one day
    u can use the continuous hoop that comes with the babylock machines. U r a
    very good teacher. be Bless. 

  • NancysNotions says:

    Magna and Snap Hoops are machine specific. Under the Magna Hoop, there is a
    model, MH00040, that will fit the Viking Designer SE.

  • David Larson says:

    actually she has a congenital problem with nerves. hope everyone is so
    accepting after you have YOUR stroke……

  • Airmaiden63 says:

    Thanks Nancy for remembering those of us who have the smaller hoop
    machines. I have a Singer Futura, although one design may be limited in
    size by my hoop, with continous and smaller designs, the possibities are

  • Mary Smith says:

    fascinating! do any of the continuous hoops fit the #1 plus Husqvarna
    Viking machine?

  • saintben2008 says:

    i would absolutely shoot myself in the head if i had to do all of this.
    thank god for the advances made since then.

  • Jessica Araya says:

    Hi, what sewing machis is that?

  • Najima Wood says:

    Can this be done on a Brothers PE 770 ?

  • olimpia laza says:

    cat costa masina de brodat?

  • Brandan Belser says:

    youre website prices are through the roof

  • Georgette M says:

    Very concise instructions. This looks so much easier with the magnetic
    hoops. Thank you.

  • Michelle Wagner says:

    Great video! Thank you, it was nice to have the instructions slowed down.
    Sometimes, it is difficult to keep up.

  • LindaLu Cord says:

    Are there magnetic hoops that fit the Husqvarna Viking SE machine.

  • laydbunzdailyantics says:

    Does anybody know what type machine this is been looking for a new machine
    and this one looks greeeaaat!!!

  • Carole Gordon says:

    I had been looking for a machine and when I saw this one I knew it was the
    one I wanted. Ordered mine should be here any day

  • NancysNotions says:

    Nancy is using the Baby Lock Esante.

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