Embroidered Silver Wedding Card

http://shoshiplatypus.blogspot.com An embroidered card that I made for my hubby for our silver wedding last May. It was a very busy year and I didn’t have ti…
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  • Jasmine Patrick says:

    What a beautiful card you made, and what a beautiful bride you were,
    congratulations on your 25th year of Marriage. Thanks for the tutorial, I
    always love your videos!!! Thank you and I hope you and your Hubby have
    lots and lots more years together

  • Shoshi Platypus says:

    @Afrikitty Thanks for the lovely comment. So glad you like my dress!! I
    have done a lot of cross stitching in the past. If you look at my
    embroideries album on Photobucket (username Shoshiplatypus) you will see
    some of my projects on there – haven’t done any for a while but like you,
    have some unfinished work lol!! Happy New Year to you too, and God bless

  • Afrikitty says:

    A great romance! That wedding dress was absolutely GORGEOUS. Reminded me of
    Diana, but your dress was prettier. (*_*) Do you do Cross Stitching at all?
    I taught that craft for years and ran my little Cross Stitch shop called
    Cross Stitch Grove from home in South Africa. My life in America has been
    VERY different, so I have about 5 cross stitch projects in various stages
    of unfinishedness. I would like to teach it again. I had quite a few men in
    my classes. Happy New Year to you and your hubby.

  • Shoshi Platypus says:

    @jasann100 What a lovely comment! Thank you so much. I really enjoyed
    making this card, and doing the video brought it all back again – and our
    wedding day, too, of course!

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