How to Freezer Paper Applique with Jan Patek

In this tutorial by Jan Patek, she shows you how to use and read your patterns for freezer paper applique and also shows your her trick for when patterns cal…

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  • Jebby Ragavan says:

    Hi Jan, I’m so glad I bumped into your website, and watched your ‘Needle
    turn applique’; but I have a question. Can I do ‘Needle turn applique’
    WITHOUT the freezer paper? Is it possible? or will it not work? Please
    help. Thanks HEAPS for all your techniques.
    Keep up the good work. God Bless.

  • bluur pip says:

    Why would you put the fabric wright side up if you put it right side down
    you can leave the freezer paper on and iron the allowance under ready to
    hand sew

  • Crux161 says:

    Great explanation of appliqués! I only wish more hand been explained about
    attaching the cutout to the backing. I can follow the instructions in this
    video but I get a little lost when it comes to arching the cut out to the
    fabric behind it. =_=* 

  • Ellen Norman says:

    Great video

  • Kathie Fleming says:

    I understand you method, I just don’t understand why you don’t use the
    freezer paper on the other side and turn the fabric on the edge of the
    freezer paper and sew along with the paper still attached. Crease the
    fabric and needle turn as you go, all the while with the paper still
    attached. You can slit the backing and remove the freezer paper and slip
    stitch the opening if you want. I think leaving the paper and making sure
    you flip the tracing if you need it to be right side or left side facing
    but lots of leaves don’t have a right or wrong side.
    Thanks for all your help though. Love your style and your tutorials.
    Just wondering if you ever thought about leaving the paper in.

  • Halle Hudson says:

    Enjoyed your tutorial in Freezer Paper Appliques. I learned quite a bit
    and your delivery kept my attention. You are down to earth and explain
    details very well! I’ve subscribed to your site to learn more about
    sewing, appliques, etc. Again, thank you for a very good tutorial!
    Halle’, Spring, TX

  • Dee Wilson says:

    Oh ..this tutorial gives hope.i did some letters ,but i didn’t use
    the freezer paper they came out okay,but the freezer paper will save me a
    lots of time..thank you

  • Zane zzz says:

    Thank you! It will help :)

  • Thomasean says:

    Jannnnnn!!! The inside point on my heart applique design is killing me! The
    point is very deep. I can’t get past those frays without turning that “V”
    in to a “U”. I’m a rank beginner but for my initiation into a quilt guild I
    have 14 needle turn applique hearts to do for an entirely hand pieced and
    hand quilted quilt. The problem is I don’t have enough seam allowance in
    the point to avoid the frays(they are really really short…but if I don’t
    go in deep enough the “V” is not sharp enough. I’m gonna keep on
    trying…hopefully you’ll see this before my 14 hearts are done. 

  • Sue Oxley says:

    Can I ask you a question Jan? Could you please tell me how you would
    applique teeny tiny pieces of applique, say one eighth of an inch wide by
    one inch long, as I have in a pattern? I am stuck and have tried all sorts
    of ways. Thank you, Sue

  • Thomasean Britten says:

    Please keep making videos! I love the way you teach. I can’t wait to see
    all of your techniques! Please have the cameraman get right over the top of
    the pattern when you are cutting into the point on a shape(eg. into the “v”
    on the heart shape). It is difficult to see what you mean when he is at an

  • Helga Soto says:

    Hello Thank you for your videos , but please can you explain the
    difference between freezer paper and fusible or heat and bond paper ?

  • Creatively Inspired says:

    You are adorable and THX for the tip on how to get the reverse way cut.

  • Jan Patek says:

    Thanks to all of you. They’re fun to make and I hope they’re helpful.

  • Marlene Steffen says:


  • LaurMitMom says:

    Thank you so much for the instruction! Love Moda fabrics and your quilts.
    I’m a new subscriber.

  • Georgette M says:

    Thanks so much for this wonderful tutorial.

  • Belarmina antuña says:

    me gusta!!!! gracias

  • Gayle Smerer says:

    Thank you Jan!!! I’ve been searching the internet for the way to reverse
    freezer paper patterns and have found nothing! Then I stumbled upon your
    video and voila! I now know how to do it! Thank you!!! I’m going over to
    MSQC now to order one of your patterns!

  • Michelle Mouratides says:

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