How to make your own embroidered patches – cheap and easy DIY badges

This video will show you how to take an embroidered project and turn it into an iron-on or sewable patch (like boy/girl scout badges). You usually have to bu…
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  • melarky says:

    @Pretty C – It’s cheap compared to having to buy the special materials and
    dies to make commercial patches. Many people have these embroidery
    machines now (they aren’t much more expensive than standard machines) and
    they don’t know what to do with the new functionality, so this is a nice
    way to make the patches/badges without having to invest in further
    expensive materials to make the patch. Also, this same method can be used
    with other types of embroidery (including hand embroidery etc). When we
    got our embroidery machine, we wanted to make patches but couldn’t find a
    guide like this, so we experimented and finally found this method which
    worked great and decided to share for others in our situation. Hope you
    enjoyed the video.

  • melarky says:

    We don’t really sell patches, we just have a home embroidery machine and
    setup. It’s great for our own little patches for our kids etc… What kind
    of patch are you after? Depending on the complexity it may or may not be

  • Natalie Shaw says:

    Oh my goodness! I just ordered this machine for myself for Christmas…and
    asked for Mel’s advice…I googled the machine and just watched YOUR
    video! I am super confident with my purchase and can’t wait to start
    busting out the patches! I may contact you for more advice too! 🙂 Love

  • melarky says:

    @Lori Roberts: I’m not really sure why yours is acting that way. Are you
    using the same “Ultra” heat n bond? They come in different types, and we
    used the “Ultra” variety in our tutorial. Also, do you have your iron as
    hot as it will go without steaming? I also read somewhere that it’s a good
    idea to hit the items from both sides (front and back) when ironing on
    stuff like that (I think I had that info in the video). Might be worth
    doing that too. Maybe it needs a little more pressure while ironing. Hope
    that helps and good luck.

  • trash amerika says:

    This video was awesome. .. iv always wanted a sewing machine that I can
    afford. . That does embroidery … now I can make my own patches. …. im
    definitely buying me this machine. .. 

  • Dave Davis says:

    Hi. Thanks for the vid! What’s your equiptment? And what software do you
    use to program the sewing machine? Plugs into machine? Sorry I’m a tech.

  • Pretty C says:

    How is this cheap when you need to buy the machine if you dont have it?

  • Goikuchan says:

    Thanks for this video. I’ve been wondering how people can cut so cleanly
    around the edges without them fraying. Now I know how to :)

  • Petra Celaeno says:

    Great video. I bought a Brother machine a few years ago for faces on
    stuffed animals I make, and am only recently trying to get into patches.
    This was very informative. I know you are using the Fray Check to stop the
    edges from unraveling, but how well does it hold up over time? I am always
    paranoid about selling someone something and having it fall apart. 

  • Wushu17 says:

    Great video. What’s the name of the song you used in the video? Very

  • Jaymee Karabin says:

    What type of thread are you using? I have heard that some threads can melt
    when ironed. Also can you just use the stabilizer, or do you have to use
    stabilizer and fabric to stitch a patch? BTW Excellent video

  • Matthew Evans says:

    Hi my name is matt. I have a motorcycle club here in Georgia and we’re
    trying to find someone to make the patches for our club vest. I would
    really love for u to do it and make a video of it. I’m amazed at how much
    stitching goes into a simple patch. I can email your the design I have if
    your interested. Thanks, matt

  • HeavenReservation says:

    Do you remember how much you paid for the Brother SE-400? Is it possible
    to use thicker materials as well?

  • beaver0luka says:

    so, you can easily make CHEAP patches using 300$ machine?

  • Mitchell Grajeda says:

    what if you want a Velcro backing?

  • melarky says:

    @citizen smith – you can share the details and image you want made into a
    patch, but I can’t promise anything. It all depends on the details (is the
    image too complex, is it too hard to digitize, how many do you want,
    etc…). This is just a home setup, so it’s fun for us, but it is what it
    is (a home sewing embroider machine with some size and tolerance
    limitations). As long as people understand that, I’m happy to look at
    something, but I would hate for people to get expectations like we have
    some sort of business for this (we do it for fun and that is why we shared
    the info, others should do it too :)

  • Lawson Poling says:

    It looks like you’re using pelon as a base material. Is that correct or did
    you have a blank shape you put pelon underneath it? I’m working with thin
    vinyl and had a lot of puckering when I put down a filled rectangle. The
    patches will be applied to my leather vest. Your opinion matters to me so
    have at it! :-)

  • melarky says:

    @Gwin Stewart – We just use whatever scrap material we have on hand. In
    this video it was just a piece of white cotton fabric we had. We have used
    thicker stuff (and you get a thicker patch at the end), but even this thin
    cotton works great. Once you are finished you have the material, the
    stabilizer, the embroidered thread, and the heat ‘n bond all together
    making a fairly thick patch, so you don’t have to start with really thick
    material (but it works with that too like I said).

  • mary hill says:

    I love the mine craft one.

  • Mary Beth Bubba says:

    Great video showing how to make patches with materials that most sewers and
    embroiderers have on hand.

  • troll terrarian says:

    hi ! i would like to ask you ,is it possible tomake these kind of patches
    with a normal sewing machine?

  • citizen smith says:

    Was going to ask the same as PharaohAirsoft, i need some EMS patches made,
    but all the companies i’ve asked want silly amounts of money because it’s a
    limited run.

  • Mary Beth Bubba says:

    I can digitize your image and make patches. Contact me on my FB
    embroidery/sewing page. 

  • Lori Roberts says:

    Ok success!!!!! not sure what i did wrong the first time but it worked!!!!
    you are the best!!! thanks so much! 

  • PharaohAirsoft says:

    Any chance u can make me a patch I already have the design

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